AWIS, in cooperation with researchers at Auburn University and the University of Georgia, is developing and testing methods to generate AUPNUT Leafspot information for any desired location using remote sensing weather technology. Previously, AUPNUT information was available only for locations that have on-site weather monitoring.

We are seeking volunteers who wish to obtain AUPNUT information for their farm. To qualify, you must fully complete the registration information below. You must be a commercial peanut producer, researcher, or consultant. We reserve the right to reject any request. You must also agree to allow AWIS, AU, or UGA researchers to contact you to obtain feedback on the information provided to you. This contact will be by email in most cases, so you must provide a valid email address that will accept messages from users from the domain.

Once approved, we will e-mail you a "Farm Number" which has been assigned to you. This will likely come from . A special web page will list your farm number along with other farms being monitored. There will be no indication given as to the locations being monitored, so your privacy will be protected. If we cannot reach your email address, you will not know what farm number matches your farm, so please be sure the email address is valid and accessible.

All information provided to registered users is for their use only. AWIS, AU, and UGA shall have no liability for any of the information provided. Please see our blanket disclaimer for more information.

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To generate the AUPNUT information for your farm we require your exact latitude and longitude of the field you want monitored. Most smartphones include a compass app and map apps that will give your exact location. Also try Google Earth.

What is your latitude in degrees/minutes/seconds or degrees to 2 decimal places?
What is your longitude in degrees/minutes/seconds or degrees to 2 decimal places?
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