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AWIS has the solutions you need for managing and predicting energy loads, verifying energy use, and settling energy futures contracts. We serve the electric, natural gas, and propane markets. The concept we follow is... keep it simple, accurate, and reliable. We're here to make your job easier by letting us worry about the weather and manage the details of getting you the information you need. We are the place to go for any type of weather forecast for energy planning needs.
  • Simple...We encourage our clients to use simple comma delimited (.CSV) files for their weather inputs. CSV files are concise, easily import to spreadsheets like Excel® and other applications, and can even be manipulated with any text editor. You don't need complex formats that will require you to do extra work just to see the actual numbers. For those that do want specially formated products, we can do that too. If you are looking for XML feeds, we can also set that up to meet your needs.

  • Accurate... We take accuracy very seriously. Our data is extensively quality controlled, even down to checking hourly values. We monitor your weather data so closely that we often see and report problems with failing temperature sensors and clogged rain gages before the Federal Agencies responsible for the data see it.

  • Reliable... We take great professional pride in producing reliable weather forecasts. We won't sell you something that meteorological science doesn't support. Our forecasts are not a repeat of the government models. We utilize our own proprietary models and techniques to produce a forecast we can stand behind.
AWIS has a wide range of weather observation and forecast products to satisfy your operational needs. We can supply climatological normals, Historical Weather Data from the beginning of station records, previous day data, and even the current hour data. Observed data are available in daily and hourly formats. Weather forecasts are made out to 15 days and are available in daily and hourly formats.

AWIS Energy Weather Services

In addition to the usual weather parameters like temperature, relative humidity, wind speeds, etc., we derive many other parameters such as wet bulb temperature, wind chill, solar radiation, hours of sunshine, and others. Need something special calculated or tabulated? We can do just about anything! This applies to both observed weather as well as weather forecast for energy. Data and forecasts are normally provided for individual locations, but we can also organize information by ZIPCode, DMA's, or other geographic designations.

Our data and forecasts can be easily incorporated into your own locally written software, spreadsheets, databases and by most commercial energy software packages. Delivery is available by .csv, SFTP, FTP, HTTPS, email, XML, and other protocols.

For more details, operational examples, lists and maps of available data and forecast points, lists of available parameters, sample formats, and sample files, reach out to a meteorologist.

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