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agricultural weather,
frost forecast, and freeze forecast

AWIS has the most comprehensive, complete weather information available anywhere for agriculture. Most "ag weather" information from other providers is not really for agriculture but is re-packaged weather for the general public. You need ag-specific information and AWIS has it. We can help you make better decisions and reduce costs.

We offer services to fit your your management style and your budget. Is your management style "just give me the facts" or do you like to take your time and study a situation? If you just want the facts, our Custom Ag Weather Products delivered by e-mail is your best choice. Each product is created for your specific location. Each provide a unique ag weather forecast. Some are daily forecasts out to as much as 7 days, while other forecasts provide hourly detail. We also offer an "IPM" product that combines forecast information with a detailed weather summary. In our case, custom doesn't mean expensive! For more details, samples, and pricing, please contact us.

If you grow crops or have operations that can't handle cold temperatures, our Freeze/Frost Forecast Services are the answer. Services include forecasts by e-mail, our special Freeze/Frost Web Service, and our Alert Service, which can also include text communication. All of our forecasts are customized to your locations, your crops, and your special needs. Although these services are highly customized, they are very affordable. Please see our special Freeze/Frost Forecast Services page for all the details.

For those that would like to navigate web pages themselves, our Freeze/Frost/Ag Weather Web Subscription Service is perfect. A high speed connection is not required. We've designed our web site to be easy to use and responsive. Information is organized by state and then grouped by the commodities grown in the state. There's also a wealth of national and international information. We have the most detail around on unique local ag weather parameters like field drying, soil temperatures, soil moisture, evaporation, evapotranspiration, and others. Also included are local, regional, and national radar pictures, satellite images, detailed local temperature and precipitation data and forecasts, and much more information. Many products are available in both tabular and graphical form. For a FREE 7-day trial, please email us here. Please note that we reserve the right to refuse free trials during the winter when freeze events are expected and in other situations.

For operators and managers of large operations, consultants, and the comodity sector, you need an ag weather consultant on your side! Subscribe to our On-Call Service and we will create a special ag weather forecast product just for you after talking with you about your operation, your location, and your weather sensitivities. Your custom ag weather forecast package will be sent daily to you via e-mail. If you have questions about your forecast, you will have access to one of our meteorologists who is on duty during regular business hours. When something major is headed your way, like a hurricane or a potential freeze, we'll call you to alert you to the upcoming weather event. Please contact us for more information and pricing.

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