AWIS Weather Services for Business

AWIS Weather Services for Business Analytics

Weather and Climate Analytics

Weather impacts nearly every human activity. We often take it for granted, but many of the decisions people make each day are based on current weather or the expected weather. The first cool weather of the season brings people into stores looking to update their wardrobe. A warm spring day encourages people to check out the bedding plants at their local nursery. A hot summer day often causes a spike in beverage sales. Every business maintains records of inventory and sales. Some get very specific by tracking product placement on store shelves. Many leading companies are now learning that incorporating weather into their sales and marketing analysis can provide valuable insights. AWIS can help you quantify how weather drives sales and help you make better decisions on inventory, logistics, staffing, and give you better knowledge about your business.

How to get Data

If you know what you need and how you need it, AWIS quality controlled weather data can be found on various data markets like Datarade and Narrative. Data is ready for purchase on those sites and payment is easily handled through those markets. If you're looking for something different or need a specific output, Contact AWIS.

Determining Past and Current Weather Trends

AWIS maintains extensive databases of weather data. Our databases include long-term averages and normals, daily and hourly data (often from the beginning of station records), and the most current weather observations (taken within the past five minutes). We have thousands of stations around the world. Our data undergoes a rigorous quality control process. For complete details on our weather data for business, please see our data page.

Predicting Future Weather Trends

If you just want to determine if you need a jacket today, use your local media or your favorite weather app on your phone. However, business decisions should be made with "business-grade" weather forecasts. We offer unique forecasts for the agricultural and energy sectors. We can provide unique hourly and daily weather forecasts in easily digested comma-delimited files or in custom tabular formats. Our forecasts are global. Just about every weather parameter is available. Forecasts can be organized by location, ZIPCode, DMA, or any desired geo-reference scheme. Let AWIS consult with you on determining the best forecast content for your needs. Please see our forecast page for more information.
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