How does weather impact you?
AWIS can help reduce the impact of weather and save you money by providing one of our custom solutions. AWIS can deliver accurate weather data, unique weather forecasts, and custom packaged weather solutions. Our experienced meteorologists can help you understand the weather and be prepared. With AWIS, you get the right information... at the right time... at the right price.
About AWIS.com

weather data, historical weather data, climate data, and weather forecasts in graphical formats tabular weather data from custom weather radar images for websites and through our subscription service weather data, historical weather data, climate data, and weather forecasts in CSV formats weather satellite images for websites and through our subscription service custom weather content and data feed

Winter Season is Coming!

Check out our Frost/Freeze Alert Service, so your farm is protected.


agricultural weather,frost forecast, and freeze forecasts

Our on staff senior Ag meteorologist brings decades of experience both in the field and behind the scenes. AWIS is the premiere freeze/frost forecast service in Florida and in many other major ag production areas.

AWIS has also partnered with WeatherPulse to offer quality real-time weather data to assist in crop development and Nitrogen planning. Learn more here.

If you are ready to purchase one of our Ag Forecast Products now, check out our online store.

Data Analytics

supply chain management, weather risk,business intelligence, weather report, data mining, and retail weather data

AWIS offers an extensive database of worlwide weather data avaiable for climate analytics, supply chain management, business intelligence applications, and other data mining needs, dating back to the mid 1900s.

AWIS data has also been made available via Datarade and Narrative data markets. If you're looking for a specific output, AWIS can also provide unique data solutions, contact us.

If you are ready to make a Weather Data Purchase now, check out our Data Warehouse.


energy weather data, weather forecasts, and feeds

AWIS provides hourly and daily weather data for load forecasting, energy model generation, and event monitoring. Local forecast feeds are available as well, for both short term and long term planning.

Digital feeds allow you to plug weather forecasts and observational data directly into your models and spreadsheets. Our 24/7 monitoring of our system assures someone is always available when life happens and chaos ensues.

AWIS can also provide forecast services and severe weather alerts, including lightning detection.

Consulting Services

Consulting for industry, retail, legal and insurance

Our meteorologists are available for a wide range of meteorological consulting services.

We can provide on-call frost/freeze services, historical weather data, storm reports, data analysis, and expert testimony for any weather related event.

Put a meteorologist on your team!


AWIS Construction Weather Services

AWIS can be your source for Historical Rainfall Data near your job site, Rain Day calculations, daily monitoring of rainfall amounts, and severe weather notification and lightning alerts.

Report generation after the fact is also available for your project, as well as forecast services. AWIS can be your source for all things weather when it comes to your construction projects.

Application Support

Custom weather content and data feeds for public and private websites

AWIS can supply radar, satellite, and lightning graphics, as well as current conditions & forecasts in graphical, tabular, and raw feed formats for your application or website. Content can be delivered to you or we can design custom, branded web pages hosted on our web servers.

Our extensive database of nearly 30,000 worldwide weather observation sites can be the perfect support for your weather related platform.

Lightning Detection

Lightning Detection

AWIS can provide lightning notifications via text and email within seconds of a lightning strike near you.

AWIS lightning detection is used for sporting events, outdoor planning, construction management, and any other outdoor activity affected by severe weather.

Contact us if you're interested in AWIS Lightning Detection.


Freight weather

Whether it be large scale or small scale, by land or by sea, or simply a terminal by terminal forecast, AWIS can provide a solution unique to your setup.

We have extensive experience in pharmaceutical transportation, complete freight line terminal services, and specific location forecasts.

Contact us if you're interested in any of the AWIS freight weather forecasting options.

Database Management

Database Management

AWIS has managed it's own database of weather data for over 25 years. This experience, along with our current software and hardware capabilities allow us to offer database management of your data as well.

Mesonet networks, corporate weather data inputs and outputs, and any other databasing of data can be achieved by one of our services.

Contact us if you are in need of database management.

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